Netflix appletv composite Netflix appletv composite I do believe apple tv supports netflix.Almost any device with internet connected with your tv can stream netflix, let me reveal.I take advantage Pandora Glass Beads of my tivo.A roku is amongst the cheapest way to add netflix to a tv.Boxee is a better capable(And unaffordable)Alternative option roku.The actual in these devices is how good the client is for choosing video.From the tivo, liquids, i have to add good fortune to my queue on a pc before i can watch them on the tivo. You mentioned switching to s video.If you own an older tv you're considering upgrading, try to one with netflix built in. Submitted by nelson at 8:55 AM on the topic of December 26, 2011 Have a laptop?A whole lot of laptops can do video out.We once suffered from ours set up to use our tv as an extended monitor, so the laptop can still be used for other things as you're watching netflix, hulu, etc on it. Created by amarynth at 8:58 AM Cheap Pandora Australia concerning December 26, 2011 Our blu ray player can access blockbuster online, and additionally hulu and amazon videos. Sent by bresciabouvier at 8:59 AM always on your December 26, 2011 We have had a roku for over a year and it is wonderful and has a few options of streaming content give it a google and check it out! Posted by upon advance review Pandora Jewelry at 9:04 AM in December 26, 2011 In order to roku support, the $50 roku lt includes an amalgamated cable.It in addition has an hdmi port(But it will not come with the cable for this)In case you ever buy some new tv.I have an older roku and delay great;Nicely developed especially, easy user software, simple good push-Button control. Put up by bcwinters at 9:04 AM to December 26, 2011 Or without having a blu ray player(And have to have one), You could think about the PS3. Published by smirkette at 9:10 AM with December 26, 2011 [2 internet explorer internet explorer bookmarks] We use apple tv to view netflix.It also streams from wii, but since producing the atv, we use that largely exclusively. Published by mothershock at 9:12 AM of December 26, 2011 I'm it's the preferred option apple tv for netflix, is effective, the connect is good, superb is that it also streams my photos and music to the tv from the mac, as well as any movies in digital version for apple.You are able to rent newer tv shows/movies through your itunes account. Submitted by tomswift at 9:14 AM of December 26, 2011 It feels like your tv does not support hdmi.In the event that's true, then the appletv will not seek advise from your tv.You might possibly get some kind of converter device, but why take some time? The apple tv does support netflix and in fact it's netflix connect is super sweet.I might not have one though. If you just aren't tied to the apple eco system, then i would agree with the to get a roku.I've had an older roku and a newer roku 2 lt and we revel in them.Besides blockbuster online, we use all the other channels and there are many, many available to buy. If / when i improve to hdtv, i would small an appletv, but more for the itunes plug-In.Fat loss add channels to it like you can with roku. Created by reddot at 9:46 AM along December 26, 2011 The folks above recommending the roku 2 lt netflix player as the best choice have it. I would can't help but recommend against getting an hdmi to composite converter.They're very higher(Surrounding the same cost as the roku, but for just the ripping tools), Rather large(Bigger than either the apple tv or the roku)As well as power hungry than either the roku or the apple tv.They're not just an plug adapter think of an hdmi to composite converter as more little computer processing the signal from hdmi to output through the composite jacks.