Man charged in manchester hit Man charged in manchester hit Stansted a man accused of driving away without stopping after his vehicle struck a 5 year old boy on a bicycle said he was nervous because:Pondered behind me and i saw a mob.Baudin, 42, of 214 douglas e, made the statement at his arraignment saturday in 9th circuit court, luton district division, on felony charges of conduct after any sort of accident and habitual offender.Tuesday in the neighborhood of 118 ahern st. Police said the boy rode his bicycle into the road, exactly the place vehicle's Pandora Jewelry right front bumper struck the boy and his bicycle, knocking both to the floor. Baudin said he was driving slowly south on ahern street when a child appeared suddenly from behind a parked car.Baudin said he quited quickly, but the child had long been struck and fell off Pandora Charms Australia the bike.Baudin told police he had been driving his girlfriend's lincoln sat nav daily for about a month. Beaudin said any time the collison, the little child picked himself up, came around to his side of your suv and told baudin he was fine. Baudin told police he then got out of his vehicle to research for damage.Hearing none, he was quoted saying, he forced away. That's not how independent witnesses at the crash scene described what went down to accident investigators.They said the driver never stopped or experimented with stop Pandora Gold Beads and provide information.They also said the boy's bicycle became stuck under the front of your vehicle and was dragged for several feet. Witnesses provided police with an account of the vehicle, the license number and an account of the driver. Police said baudin and the automobile owner walked into the police department lobby. While baudin told police the child was about 10 yrs.Old, police diagnosed the victim as 5 year old batalu osman, who was transported to the elliot hospital for treatment of non deadly injuries that included cuts, scores and bruises. Police prosecutor steven mangone said baudin is a fugitive from ma, where he is wanted for breaking probation, but that charge isn't going to be brought forward until this case is resolved, unless baudin is put out on bail. Judge gregory michael granted the prosecution's request $25, 000 cash/surety help for baudin. In seeking bail, police prosecutor steven mangone said baudin's new hampshire criminal background includes second degree assault, control of a drug with intent to sell, and two fugitive justifies.His ma record includes possession of burglary tools, collecting stolen property, larceny, driving while drunk and habitual offender. Because no plea can be placed to a felony charge in circuit court, a most likely cause hearing was set for aug.27.