Kings team up with bunchball Kings team up with bunchball San jose, ca oct 21, 2011 bunchball, the conquer and market leader in gamification, is teaming up with the los angeles kings to launch a gamified fan appreciation program where fans can combined efforts to interact Alphabet Beads Pandora and express their dedication to the team.The product, which uses game mechanics like issues, work and rewards to increase user engagement and loyalty, is the first available today in the sports world. Fans will also compete for a posture on league tables to be named the kings fan. And in addition the virtual rewards, fan activity will be rewarded with real world pay offs like vip behind the curtain experiences, reaction with players, signed product, tickets etc, KIngs are excited to be the first sports team to launch a gamification program through our union with bunchball.We feel our fans are the strongest marketIng voice we have, and this platform allows us to engage and reward them for displayIng their passion for the kIngs.In a contInuously evolvIng digital landscape, we feel gamification is goIng to play an extremely important role In how teams and brands activate their most engaged users, described jonathan lowe, vice chairman of marketIng for the los angeles kIngs.Nobleman, we're able to create the first gamified solution aimed at IncreasIng a sports team Interaction with its fans, said charlie patrizi, chief sales and profits officer, bunchball.Makes sense to take the thIngs fans love about hockey games competition, group, wInnIng and extend them to the kIng onlIne reputation.KIngs as gamification as it makes a leap Into the concept of professional sports.Bunchball is the leader In gamification, progressive way of engagIng users, InspirIng employees and IncreasIng customer loyalty.Gamification works by addIng game mechanics Into digital experiences In order to Influence and motivate people.This will aid drive a deeper, more compellIng buyer experience, leadIng to tangible busIness benefits, such as Increased employee yields, customer loyalty and revenue.Bunchball nitro platform is beIng used by some worldwide leadIng companies to create experiences that combIne Intuitive game mechanics with compellIng content.Bunchball people Include warner bros, comcast, usa cell tower socialize, liveops and after that hasbro.Based In silicon valley and founded In feb.2005, Bunchball's shareholders Include Granite Ventures, Triangular Peak Partners, Northport wealth, Correlation Ventures and Adobe Systems built-In.Nhl, the nhl give protection to, the word mark and image of the stanley cup and nhl conference logos are registered trademarks of the nation's hockey league.And the nation's hockey league.